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. Avoid Scratch Card Stock

. Never run out of stock

. Control re-order lead time

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Get your Free E-Voucher terminal Today

Why change from scratch card to E-Voucher ?

  •  Avoid Scratch Card card stock that can be lost or stolen 
  •  Never run out of stock 
  •  Control re-order lead time 


The new E-Voucher terminal is an electronic recharge system installed at your retail shop and connects to a server for buying new recharge PINs. The existing plastic cards currently being sold in the UAE are now being replaced by this system. E-Vouchers are more secure since you don’t need to keep physical stock of cards that can get lost or stolen. 

Why iPay E-Voucher System ?

  • Free Terminals, Free Installation, Free Service
  • Competitve Voucher Prices
  • Flexible payment terms for volume orders


To offer this E-Voucher service, iPay is investing in a combination of hardware and software supported by the leading suppliers in their field, to keep up with the latest world-wide technology, maintain productivity of merchant service and reach highest levels of Service & Customer Care.