iPay E-Voucher System

  • Hardware iPay provides the most reliable and durable equipment that meets and supports the highest international standards in the industry. The P80 POS terminal from PAX Technology Ltd. consists of Portable device includes key pad, Printer and key pad are built in, and Thermal paper rolls.

  • Software iPay e-voucher terminals run the world renowned TELEPATY™ system providing security metrics that meets the highest international industry standards. We guarantee an uptime service of 99.995%.

  • Security Using up to date asymmetric data flow protocols, PGP encryption, and mutual certifications with prepaid POS terminals provide high standards of security in iPay .

  • Placing Orders The ordering procedure for buying new E-Vouchers is an easy 3-step process. 1. Salesman places order using his mobile application 2. Salesman reserves order on the server 3. Your new PINs are now ready on your machine

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